About Einar

About Einar

About me

After years of self-exploration, I feel like I have finally arrived at my own, personal voice. I draw from always being on the cusp of new technology, alternating between the digital and the analogue. At present, I’m inclined towards crafts and the handmade; loosely referencing the amazing, yet humble, skills of my family. I’m drawn to the tangible nature of handicrafts whilst the world is fighting an “invisible” enemy.

I’m preferring to use palettes full of colour, reacting against the recent, local trend of homogenous, grey houses. These colours reflect upon the optimism of my childhood in the 1980s and 90s; the bold works of creatives like Ken Done and Jenny Kee; the hyperactive colouring of the time’s pop culture.


FULL BUSH, forthcoming solo exhibition, TAP Art Gallery, Surry Hills
MARDI GRAS ART PRIZE, finalist, TAP Art Gallery

GREENWAY ART PRIZE, finalist Open Artist category, Art Est. Gallery, Leichhardt

CARDAMUM, journal and card making, Kirribilli Markets, Kirribilli, and Beehive Gallery, Newtown

THREE ZINE, artist contributor, volumes 7, 8, 9

BOXED ART PROJECT, artist, 2x signal box artwork, (fka) Canterbury City Council

TAP GALLERY, gallery assistant, Darlinghurst location

OPEN 24 HOURS, artist contributor, book by Robert Balas
BLUE MAGAZINE, photography contributor
QUEER STILLS, group show, Giotto Art Café, East Sydney

2003 – REPETEZ, solo exhibition, TAP Gallery, Darlinghurst
2002 – HUNT & GATHER, solo exhibition, TAP Gallery
2001 – A4, solo exhibition, TAP Gallery

Contact Einar:
Email: einar.j.johansen@gmail.com
Web: www.einarland.com
Instagram: @einarlandart