Full Bush by EINAR

Full Bush by EINAR

full bush



TAP Art Gallery

8 – 18 December, 2021

Open 12pm-6pm Daily

Opening Night: Wednesday 8 December, 6pm-8pm
Drinks with the Artist: Saturday 11 December, 4pm-6pm

TAP Art Gallery
1/259 Riley Street, Surry Hills, NSW
Website: www.tapgallery.org.au
Telephone: 0400-610-440

Have you ever gone full bush?

Do you like to,
as the Japanese say,
go forest bathing?

Or do you only have time to dip a green thumb?

The truth is, even brief amounts of greenery and natural surroundings are beneficial for the spirit.

How many of us have relished our green spaces during recent times? Reconnected with our environment with an added intensity, as our worlds have shrunk to more immediate surrounds?

full bush is my ode to nature and my local green spaces; their escape from the madness of humanity. It’s a postcard; a series of mental escapes; an impression of nature’s calming abilities; its architectural magnificence.

The mixed media elements are my personal escape; a regression to the blissful ignorance of my childhood, echoing the practical crafts and skills of my family. Back to Dad’s latch-hook rugs and hand-built outdoor settings. Back to Mum’s embroideries and knitted Norwegian jumpers, along with her lemon meringue pies, and that time she got my entire school year to make lamingtons for a fundraiser. Whilst we’re under the threat of an invisible enemy, I have been drawn to the tangible; the “real”.

The cheeky title aims to broaden the appeal of our natural environment. It’s my attempt at creating a more Australian term for the Japanese concept of “forest bathing”, when being immersed in nature is said to benefit us in a myriad of physical and psychological ways. I think the largely unadulterated wildness and adventurous threat of the Australian bushland, however, deserves a wilder term, so what better than the thought of total submersion? Like leaping into a crashing wave at the beach, you go “full bush” in the Aussie bush.

The full collection will be added to the website closer to the exhibition dates.

For further information and enquiries please Email: einar.j.johansen@gmail.com and follow Einar on Instagram: @einarlandart